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UN-LOCK.NET | the key heroine network
Recent Entries 
8th-Feb-2010 02:40 pm - 03 | a sudden sea

A handful of people were online to catch the unveiling of V2, but I was just really unhappy with the design by the end of it, so voila! 2.5! You'll notice that everything's a lot more organized! I cut out most of the pointless sections that the very first layout had -- I learned my lesson with those link buttons :X

I also took down Keystruck for now. Three fanlistings do not require a whole collective. Fannish stuff will still be on that subdomain though, because keys.un-lock.net just sounds so cute okay

I don't know how visible my improvement is, but I'm finding that the more I work with coding'n'stuff, the more comfortable I get with that side of the process. I think I've improved more in the past few weeks than I have in the last year, omg. ♥
31st-Jan-2010 04:41 pm - 02 | keep on with the force
If you knew how much time I spend adjusting and re-adjusting the margins and proportions of my every layout, you'd know I'm crazy. I'm just never satisfied! I do, however, know when to say "fff, I'm hungry and tired and this is good enough." So without futher rambling:

The Key Heroine Network is now acceptable for public viewing! I still have to do a few things, like finish all the heartless-hunting blurbs before the miniquest goes live (I did all the messin'-with-PHP for that in advance, THANK THE INTERNET) and come up with some "extras" (What a useless section, but I really wanted to use all five characters from that image.)

I was going to take care of all that and then take down the Allen sign, but knowing me? That would have just set things back another useless month.

moarCollapse )
30th-Dec-2009 06:28 pm - 01 | to-do list
STARTED: 12|30|09

- Rewrite whatever should be CSS as CSS (bad html habits WHAT)
- Write the goddamn header text properly
- Finish the link buttons for the other two menu options
- Set up the PHP files for header/footer/different menus
- Give everything so far pretty php-include URLs
- Write the different pages only when the above is accomplished
- Make bigger link buttons for upcoming sites

- Write the miniquest blurbs only when the main content is good to go
- Figure out the coding for the miniquest o/////o
- Ask friends with sites about affiliation! and make cute little affiliate badges.
- Contact everyone who was interested in being hosted on the last domain.
- Do a layout for keystruck (fansite + fanlisting collective)

- Do a layout for collectionism? cardcapture? IDK? (tcg collective)
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